The Recruitment Process

Here’s a step by step guide to our recruitment methodology. Our process covers end to end recruitment and no stone will be left unturned to find you the right candidate.

  • Initial Contact : Speak to one of our experienced Consultants or Managers. One of our dedicated team will speak to you about your vacancy to get a clear understanding of your role and what you are looking for. You will have one point of contact within ICP to help streamline the process.
  • ICP Liaison : Your point of contact will be available to liaise with you at all times. We will be available to come and meet you in your office or speak to you via phone as often as you wish. We will take the time to learn as much as possible about your business and what you are looking for so that we can provide you with high quality candidates each time.
  • Sourcing : Once we have a clear understanding of your role, our team get to work on it straight away. Our Consultants are experienced professionals that know the construction market in the Gulf inside out. Candidates are primarily sourced from our own network and contacts that we have built up here in the Gulf since 2006. Unlike other recruitment firms, we do not rely on Job boards and our database includes some of the most sought after candidates in the Gulf.
  • Candidates : The vast majority of our candidates are based locally here in the Gulf. Our clients generally look for previous Gulf experience so we can provide candidates with 5, 10, 20+ years of Gulf experience depending on the position. We provide candidates of all nationalities, European, South African, Australian, Arabic, Asian etc. We can also provide candidates directly from Europe or anywhere in the world if requested.
  • Screening : After an extensive search, we shortlist a number of candidates for your role. Each candidate is interviewed / screened thoroughly to ensure they are matching the requirement and a final shortlist is drawn up. After reference checking, we then sent to the CV to the client along with our summary on the candidate that includes salary details, family status and availability. We aim to have candidates in front of our client on the same day the requirement is given to us, or within a 24 hour time frame.
  • Reference checking : Each candidate will be given a thorough background check and references are checked to ensure credibility. We also collate feedback from previous interview that will give us information on candidate strengths and weaknesses for future reference.
  • Interviewing : We aim to make the interview process as easy as possible. We do everything from arranging interview times, ensuring candidates are informed about the company and role, sending locations map and interview details, preparing candidate for the interview, ensuring they arrive on time. Etc.
  • Onboarding : Our team of experts will ensure that you get your new hire on board at the right salary level. We negotiate with the candidate to ensure each party is satisfied and the employer does not have to pay above the market rate to get the person they need. Once an offer is accepted we act as an intermediary during the visa process to ensure the new hire can join as fast as possible. We ensure everything remains on track until the day the candidate starts.
  • Market Advice : Throughout the whole process we can provide advice on market conditions, availability of candidates and market salary rates. We can advise you on each step of the recruitment process.